…and RYPEness, your girl wants a Twinkie in the worst way. Don’t ask me where the mere thought of a Twinkie came from, or even why I would want that toxic spongy goodness in the first place. I just wanted to be 100% honest with you all…so there it is.

Good morning RYPEness! Doesn’t that subject line sound fun?? I thought so….so much so that I veered away from our scheduled topic of swimming and cycling to talk about a 5K that’s coming to Charlotte. I am soooooooooo excited about the Electric Run!!  What is it you ask? The “Electric

Hey there RYPEness!! Are you ready to face this week with confidence and purpose? I know I am! Today is the first day of my journey on a 7 day detox. With today being the day that you can ONLY drink liquids (which can include water or fresh squeezed juices),

TGIF RYPEness!! Yo!!! Never in a million years would I have thought of these substitutions! And this is SO right on time because on Monday I am going to start the 7 Stage Detox. I did this detox once before and loved it!  The 7 Stages in Detox Diet are:

Hey there RYPEness, Since we are all dusting those bikes off and getting ready for some awesome rides, its time to revisit something that we should ALWAYS be thinking about when out there on the road: BICYCLE SAFETY! As much as we wish it were different, not everyone likes or

….cause its sexy, that’s why! Hey there RYPEness! So today I had a bit of a panic attack! April 28th is my first triathlon of the season, and its about 5 weeks away. To date, I have been on my trusty Felt once, and in the pool like….none. YIKES! I